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Learning a language isn't a race, but it is a race.

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Learning a Language isn't a race against your classmates or friends. Comparing yourself to others will cause you stress and make a fun activity into a chore. Learning a language is a race to improve yourself. It is important to keep learning, keep moving forward. There are effective ways of language learning and less effective ways. Ways that are best for you in your life.

Classes are expensive and shouldn't be wasted. Are you given homework? Do you do it? Do you speak to your friends in your own language or the new one? Do you watch movies in the new language? I have taught some people who aren't interested in learning English and are just there for their visa. That's OK, but if you have to sit in a room to learn a language why not make some effort. There is no downside to learning a language.

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